Odin Teatret Archives

The work at OTA is managed by an international team of scholars, directors, actors, filmmakers and IT specialists who work by turns; besides collecting and classifying the materials, they conceive new research issues and projects connected to the archives. The team is composed by: Mirella Schino, University Professor: general coordinator; Claudio Coloberti, M.A.: responsible for Odin Teatret Film (film maker, editor, restorer); Lluís Masgrau, University Professor: responsible for Eugenio Barba’s bibliography; Francesca Romana Rietti, Ph.D.: responsible for the archives and the library; Chiara Crupi, Ph.D.: film maker, editor, videodesigner (Odin Teatret Film); Valentina Tibaldi, M.A.: OTA site manager, project manager, photo archiving.
The OTA also benefit from the work of a regular group of collaborators: Paula Isiegas, M.A., Gabriella Sacco, M.A., Pierangelo Pompa, M.A., Lucia Repašská, M.A., Ana Woolf, M.A.

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