L'eco del silenzio

Produced by Odin Teatret
Directed by Claudio Coloberti

Price for streaming: 5,50 euro.
The video can be viewed for 72 hrs. from the time of purchase.

THE ECHO OF SILENCE is a performance which describes the vicissitudes of the voice of an actor and the strategy she invents to "interpret" a text. The voice of the actor and the text presented to the spectators compose the music of a performance. In theatre, which is apparently free of the codes that we know in music, the actor needs to create a labyrinth of rules, references and resistance to follow or refuse so as to achieve a personal expression and recognize her own voice. THE ECHO OF SILENCE touches on some of the moments of this process by letting the perception of the spectator slip through the technical discipline, thus revealing the person behind the actor and the silence behind the voice.